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The Ballad of Michael Dwyer

T.D. Sullivan

At length brave Michael Dwyer and his undaunted men

Were scented o'er the mountains and tracked into the glen;

The stealthy soldiers followed with ready blade and ball,

And swore to trap the outlaw, that night in wild Imaal.


They prowled along the valley and before the dawn of day,

Discovered where the faithful and fearless heroes lay.

Around the little cottage, they formed in a ring,

And cried out "Michael Dwyer! Surrender to the King!"


Thus answered Michael Dwyer - "Into this house we came

Unasked by those we own it; they cannot be to blame.

Then let these guiltless people, unquestioned, pass you through

And when they've passed in safety, I'll tell you what we'll do."


T'was done. "And now", said Dwyer, "Your dirty work begin;

You are a hundred outside - we're only four within;

We've heard your haughty summons, and this is our reply -

We're true United Irishmen! We'll fight until we die!"


Then burst the war's red lightening! Then poured the leaden rain!

The hills around re-echoed the thunder-peals again;

The soldiers falling round him, brave Dwyer sees with pride,

But, ah! one gallant comrade is wounded by his side.


Yet there are three remaining, good battle still to do;

Their hands are strong and stead, their aim is quick and true.

But hark that furious shouting the savage soldiers raise!

The house is fired around them! The roof is all ablaze!


And brighter every moment the lurid flame arose,

And louder swelled the laughter and cheering of their foes;

Then spake the brave McAllister, the weak and wounded man,

"You can escape my comrades, and this shall be your plan:


"Place in my hands a musket, then lie upon the floor.

I'll stand before the soldiers and open wide the door;

They'll pour into my heart, boys, the fire of their array;

Then while their guns are empty, dash through them, and away!"


He stood before the yeomen, revealed amidst the flame;

From out their levelled muskets the wished-for volley came.

Up sprang the three survivors for whom the hero died,

But only Michael Dwyer burst through the ranks outside.


He baffled his pursuers, who followed like the wind.

He swam the river Slaney, and left them far behind.

But many a scarlet soldier he promised soon would fall

For those, his gallant comrades, who died in wild Imaal.


18th - 20th September
Bru Boru

Cashel, Co. Tipperary Ireland

"The O'Dwyer Diaspora"
A book featuring experiences and stories of O'Dwyer emigrants

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