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Welcome to the Dwyer/O'Dwyers Research Centre

This section is provided as an aid to those involved in researching specific family members and general O'Dwyer clan history. (Additional suggestions would be most welcome)

  • The O'Dwyer Convict Transportation Records: A summary of the records at the National Archives of Ireland of Dwyers/O'Dwyers convicted to transportation to Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies. [Location: This site]
  • The O'Dwyer/Dwyer World War I Memorial Records: A list of those who fell on the battlefields of Europe 1914-1918. [Location: This site]
  • O'Dwyers in The Annals of the Four Masters: The Annals are a very famous ancient manuscript which can still be seen today which chronicles the history of Ireland. [Location: This site, courtesy of Richard A Dwyer].
  • On-line Genealogy Forum for Dwyer/O'Dwyer researchers: Meet other researchers on-line. Browse their queries regarding specific Dwyers/O'Dwyers throughout the world, and submit your own queries. [Location: Genforum]
  • O'Dwyer site maintained by Joan Williams: An Australian site about her ancestors from Bansha, Co. Tipperary who ended up in Victoria, Australia. Also has good source information including a prisoners' list from Nenagh Assizes 1845, some 1830 ships passengers lists, and Tasmanian births, deaths, and marriages lists 1825-1830.
  • O'Dwyer site maintained by Gaye Dwyer: Details her family which moved from Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary to Melbourne, Australia. Also has a very useful page of other Dwyers/O'Dwyers researchers.
  • Canon Philip Dwyer: A website dedicated to Canon Philip Dwyer (1822-1905) who wrote several books including a history of Killaloe and of Lisdoonvarna.
  • The Provinces and Counties of Ireland: A map of the four Provinces and thirty-two counties of Ireland. [Location: An Gorta Mór site]
  • The Towns of Co. Tipperary: A map of County Tipperary showing the main town showing the location of the main towns. [Location: Tipperary Libraries site]
  • The Civil Parishes of North and South Tipperary. Useful to geographically locate where an ancestor lived. [Location: this site, copies of original at other sites]
  • The Townlands of Kilnamanagh Barony: A listing of the townlands in Co. Tipperary which make up the modern barony of Kilnamanagh. [Location: This site]
  • The Earls of Kildare (the Geraldines): This site gives the pedigree of the Anglo-Irish Fitzgerald family, Earls of Kildare, to whom the O'Dwyers at one point in history paid a nominal rent of 'a neste of goshawkes yearly at Lammas', (a goshawke being a breed of hunting hawk). [Location: Dublin City University]
  • The Earls of Desmond: This site contains the pedigree of the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond, (cousins of the Kildare Fitzgeralds above) whose territory bordered with that of the O'Dwyers on the western side. They were responsible for the Desmond Rebellion in the latter half of the sixteenth century, and their defeat paved the way for the settlement of the province of Munster with English settlers (i.e. the 'plantation' of Munster).[Location: Dublin City University]
  • The Earls of Ormond: Pedigree of the Butler family, neighbours of the O'Dwyers on the eastern side and frequently their allies at several times in history. [Location: Butler society]
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18th - 20th September
Bru Boru

Cashel, Co. Tipperary Ireland

"The O'Dwyer Diaspora"
A book featuring experiences and stories of O'Dwyer emigrants

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