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Provisional Constitution of the O'Dwyer Clan

The clan shall be known as the O'Dwyer Clan / Muintir Dhuibhir

The clan shall be a non-profit cultural organisation.

The Objectives

  • To foster kinship and friendship among the O'Dwyers
  • Create communication amongst the O' Dwyers
  • Bring the O'Dwyers together periodically
  • Establish a central point for communications amongst the O'Dwyers
  • To swap information
  • To identify, publicise and preserve O'Dwyer sites and places of interest
  • All descendants of any individual named O'Dwyer, Dwyer (or recognised variations thereof) are eligible to join the clan.

Full membership of the clan is available to any eligible person aged eighteen years or more, upon receipt of the prescribed annual membership subscription.

The annual membership shall be set by the committee to fund administration costs deemed appropriate by the executive committee.

All members in good standing with dues paid can vote and nominate any other member in good standing for any office.

Life membership of the clan may be granted to individuals at the discretion of the executive committee.

The clan shall be represented by a Chieftain (Taoiseach) and a Deputy Chieftain (Táiniste).

The clan shall be managed by an executive committee elected by the full membership in good standing, by means of a simple majority vote at the AGM, either by secret ballot in person or by postal / email vote.

The executive committee shall comprise:

  • Uachtarán - President
  • Cathaoirleach - Chairperson
  • Leas Chathaoirleach - Vice Chairperson
  • Rúnaí - Secretary
  • Cisteoir - Treasurer
  • Six other members

Additional officers may be seconded onto the committee at the discretion of the executive committee.

All members of the executive committee shall remain in office for at least one year from date of election.

The executive committee shall convene at least once per quarter at a suitable venue/date/time.

All members of the executive committee are required to assist in the general running of the clan and take an active role in clan affairs.

The executive committee shall be empowered to confer honours such as life membership or suitable title: "The order of ..." on those it deems suitable and have earned such honours either by service to the O'Dwyer Clan or by their public achievements.

The AGM of the clan shall be held at a venue/date/time to be decided by the executive committee.


  • The funds of the clan shall be lodged in the clan bank account and shall be managed by the treasurer.
  • The treasurer must submit a statement of income and expenditure at the AGM.
  • Any money belonging to the clan in transit shall only be held by a member of the executive committee and must be deposited in the clan bank account within fourteen working days of receipt.
  • Withdrawals from the clan account must be signed by the treasurer.
  • Any incomes or withdrawals must be entered in the treasurer's annual statement.

All members are expected to uphold the prestige of the clan and assist the executive committee in the execution of their duties.

Any amendments or suggestions can be sent by email to

Pádraig Ó Duibhir

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18th - 20th September
Bru Boru

Cashel, Co. Tipperary Ireland

"The O'Dwyer Diaspora"
A book featuring experiences and stories of O'Dwyer emigrants

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O'Dwyer DNA Project
The O'Dwyer DNA project is now up and running.
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