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Dwyer's Stout Ale

By Darby Ryan, 1852

Near the Town of sweet Tip. there is a neat village-

Call'd Bansha - where you may go by rail;

Great place for increasing mankind, and for tillage,

It's there you'd prove fruitful, by Dwyer's Stout Ale!


If you meet there - and be able and willing

To drink of that cup, be sure not to fail -

And all your expenses will be but one shilling,

For to drink plenty of Dwyer's Stout Ale!


It is refreshment to them that are craw-sick,

It will give circulation and vent to the blood;

Stiff rheumatic joints - it will make them elastic,

Brisk, nimble, and hearty, as eels in the mud!


It bestows on the coward, the courage of Hector -

The feeble it renders stout, hearty, and hale!

It makes all their years as long genial as Nector,

Such powers are censured in Dwyer's Stout Ale.


It is better than Port, Maderia or Sherry,

Cognac Brandy - nay, even Champagne!

Guinness's Stout or Old Cork Whiskey -

Such is the strength of Dwyer's Stout Ale!


The Farmer, the Tradesman, the indigent Spadesman,

The delicate lady, - as well as the male -

The Ploughman, the Placeman, the Pensioner Statesman,

All show their approbation of Dwyer's Stout Ale.


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18th - 20th September
Bru Boru

Cashel, Co. Tipperary Ireland

"The O'Dwyer Diaspora"
A book featuring experiences and stories of O'Dwyer emigrants

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