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The O'Dwyer Pedigree recorded by Dr. Keating.

Adapted from Seathrun Céiting, Foras Feasa ar Eirinn, translated as Rev. G. Keating, The History of Ireland from the Earliest Period to the English Invasion, by John O'Mahoney (P.M. Haverty, New York, 1857), pp. 663, 664, 683, 694-697.

Addenda I. The Pedigree of O'Dwyer, of Kilnamanagh, from Dermod O'Connor's translation of Keating.

  1. Philip
  2. Anthony
  3. Diarmaid
  4. Thomas
  5. Concober, or Connor
  6. Thomas
  7. Thomas
  8. Concobar
  9. Thomas
  10. Thomas
  11. Gilla-na-naemh
  12. Gilla-na-naemh
  13. Lochlainn
  14. Gilla-na-naemh
  15. Lorcan
  16. Kellach
  17. Gilla-na-naemh
  18. Kellach
  19. Lorcan
  20. Aedh
  21. Donncadh O'Duibhir, in English, O'Dwyer, the first that bore the family surname.
  22. Lorcan
  23. Duibhir, or Duibhidhir, from whom is derived the name O'Duibhidhir anglicised O'Dwyer.
  24. Sbellan
  25. Suibni
  26. Donncadh
  27. Duadh-flaith
  28. Collan
  29. Colman
  30. Crath
  31. Ruaidri
  32. Grellan
  33. Lubna
  34. Lughna
  35. Muirini
  36. Finncadh
  37. Firrath
  38. Firruath Derg
  39. Firini
  40. Lugaidh
  41. Armbar
  42. Carbri Cluthechar
  43. Cu-Corb, King of Leinster. (The pedigree of the O'Kavanagh family joins here)
  44. Mogh-Corb, King of Leinster.
  45. Concobar Abra-Ruadh, King of Ireland.
  46. Finn the poet, King of Leinster.
  47. Rosa Ruadh, King of Leinster.
  48. Fergus Fargi, King of Leinster.
  49. Nuadha Nect, King of Ireland. (This Nuadha had three sons, namely, Fergus Fargi, from whom has sprung the stock of this branch; Baeisgni, from whom descended Comhal, the father of Finn Mac Comhail, commonly called Fingal by the Anglo-Scotch; and Gnathallach).
  50. Sedna Sithbac, King of Leinster.
  51. Lugaidh Lothfinn, King of Leinster.
  52. Bresal Brec, King of Leinster. (The pedigree of the Fitzpatrick family joins here)
  53. Fiacaidh Fobrec
  54. Olild Glas
  55. Fiacaidh Foglas
  56. Nuadha Follamhain
  57. Alloid
  58. Art
  59. Mogh Art
  60. Crimthann
  61. Feidlimidh Fortruin
  62. Fergus Fortamhail
  63. Bresal Breggamhain
  64. Aengus Follamhain
  65. Olild Brachaen
  66. Labraidh Loingsech, King of Ireland
  67. Olild Ani
  68. Laegari Lorc, King of Ireland,
  69. Iugani Mor, King of Ireland. (Pedigree of the O'Neill family joins here)
  70. Eocaidh Buadach
  71. Duach Laghrach, King of Ireland.
  72. Fiacaidh Tolgrach, King of Ireland.
  73. Muredach Bolgrach
  74. Simeon Brec, King of Ireland.
  75. Aedgan Glas
  76. Nuadha Finn Fail, King of Ireland.
  77. Giallcaidh, King of Ireland.
  78. Olild Olcaein
  79. Siorna Saeghalach, King of Ireland.
  80. Dian
  81. Rothectach, King of Ireland.
  82. Maen
  83. Aengus Ol-mucaidh, King of Ireland.
  84. Fiacaidh Labranni, King of Ireland.
  85. Smirgoll
  86. Enboth
  87. Tighernmas, King of Ireland.
  88. Follamhan
  89. Ethrial, King of Ireland.
  90. Irial the prophet, King of Ireland.
  91. Erimhon (heremon), King of Ireland.
  92. Miledh of Esbain (Milesius). (The pedigree of MacCarthy More joins here)
  93. Bili, King in Spain.
  94. Breogan, King in Spain.
  95. Bratha
  96. Degatha, King in Gaethluighe.
  97. Arcadh, King in Gaethluighe.
  98. Allod, King in Gaethluighe.
  99. Nuadha, King in Gaethluighe.
  100. Ninnall, King in Gaethluighe.
  101. Febric Glass, King in Gaethluighe.
  102. Adnamhon, King in Gaethluighe.
  103. Eber Glun-Finn, King in Gaethluighe.
  104. Lamh-finn
  105. Adnoin
  106. Tath
  107. Eogamhan
  108. Beogamhan
  109. Eber Scot
  110. Sru
  111. Esru
  112. Gaedal Glas
  113. Niul
  114. Fenius Farsaidh
  115. Baath ["Neither this nor the succeeding names seem to have been handed down through the medium of the Gaelic tongue. Their forms, with perhaps, the exception of Naei, i.e. Noah, and Adamh ( Auve) i.e. Adam, are foreign to that idiom."]
  116. Magog
  117. Japhett
  118. Naei
  119. Lamech
  120. Mathusalem
  121. Enoch
  122. Jared
  123. Mahaleleel
  124. Cainan
  125. Enos
  126. Seth
  127. Adamh.
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18th - 20th September
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